Thursday, September 01, 2005

Death to Cysarow

I curse you Cysarow!
You interrupted my life, unwanted, unneeded, bane of what order I had in my life.
Now life must be reordered, plans remade. Time must be spent to have you excised, time consumed in recovery.
So be it!
It is a price I am willing to endure to have you removed and destroyed.
You are the catalyst in a test of character I am determined to win.
So cursed be Cysarow and blessed be
Heaven's Prince of Glory who's running by my side.
What is his name? Jesus!
And I will praise him!

Yes, it's happened. I named the cyst. The surgeon called it a dermoid cysts, a disgusting thing that contains tissue from all the body parts. Yes, that means it has skin, hair, bone and teeth in it. Ahhhhhhhh! I have a garbage bag containing spare parts inside me! Get it out! Get it out! I should have a date for surgery when I see the surgeon again on Wednesday.

In the mean time I am fine. The only symptom I have is bloating every time I eat and my pants don't fit quite right. I guess I'll live. Oh, and the good thing is that the doctor is satisfied that it is not cancerous. Besides the fact that it is not common for ovarian cysts to be cancerous the doctor told me that this one just doesn't look like cancer. Yay!
PS: That last bit of my "Cysarow rant" was inspired by a Doug Horley song I am teaching the King's Jewels in Kingdom City (the kids in Children's Church). I can't remember the name of it but it is about running the race and never quitting. Good tune and the arrangement reminds me of "Today's Special". You remember that kid's show from the 80's with the mannequin that comes to life when the store closes. He had this jazzy way of dancing. I decided to have fun with this song and worked out some simple jazz moves to it. The kids loved it and really got into it. I was surprised. It was cool.

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