Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Barry!

Yes, this handsome guy is 41. Isn't he cute! Sinead (daughter #1) looked at it and her only comment was, "I hope he didn't always look like that". Sheesh! Most guys looked something like that back then, didn't they? Hair parted down the middle, swept back, just like Andy Gibb. (Man, that's a creepy memory) But really, what's with the big bow tie? Barry doesn't like this picture and cringed when he figured out what I was doing with it out of the frame. I like it. I didn't know Barry back then. I like to look at it and wonder if I did know him would we have clicked? Probably not. Our lives were very different then. I am glad that God introduced us at the right time, the time we were ready for each other. I love you, Barry. Happy Birthday!

Tonight we are are off to the inlaws for birthday supper. I go to the surgeon again tomorrow. Hope to have a surgery date.


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