Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free Knit Accessories for you!

My sister is doing something similar on her blog. I'm adding my own twist. The first 5 people to reply to this post and tell me they have donated at least $5 to Hope for Malawi will receive a free knitted accessory from me. The knitting will be done after Christmas but you will get it. It could be a small knit purse, keyhole scarf, wrist warmers, fingerless gloves or maybe something else. It will be a surprise!
Photo from Knitty.com

To find out what Hope for Malawi is read on.....

What can a Child Accomplish?

Well I'll tell you. In a few months Jaako Polkki, 9 y/o friend of mine, has electrified all those he encounters with his mission to help needy children in Malawi.

In May God told Jaako to go to Africa....

to read more scroll down just a bit. You can help.

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