Saturday, November 04, 2006

halloween rant '06

I wrote it. I blabbed it. Barry videoed it. Clint edited it. It was played last Sunday morning in church and well received. It was a "focus on the arts" Sunday. The theme was Fearless. We filmed it in about 20 minutes on a chilly evening. It is the first time any of us have done anything like this so it is a bit rough, I mean artsy.. yah, artsy. So enjoy ... or not.

halloween rant '06

here is a paragraph I edited out because of time. It further explains why I believe it is not necessary to tell people about Jesus, unless directed too by the Holy Spirit. I am an advocate of relationship evangelism.

"When my husband, Barry, was on his spiritual journey in the years before we met, he made many plans to go to mind control workshops, quests to find his spirit guide and other new age adventures. Those plans never panned out. After he met Jesus and looked back on that time he could see that every time he meant to carry out one of those quests a Christian crossed his path and he just never went through with it. The surprising part of this story is not one of those Christians preached a word to him, not even one "Jesus loves you". Just being in the presence of one serving Jesus was enough to steer him closer to the Lover of his Soul."

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