Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why YouTube Won't Let Me Sleep #2

[to see #1 go to my knitting blog]
CAN'T STOP! I Love My Vintage Sesame Street!
I thought of posting an obvious classic: the pinball machine, but that's to easy. Then I thought, "Who can resist the Queen of Six or New Flash with Kermit the Frog or Monsterpiece Theatre, oh, oh, or Grover as the Waiter or Salesman or Elevator Operator! AHH, Ahh!

WAIT! !........ BERT AND ERNIE! Or those segments with all the cute kids!

Too much, too much!

Instead I decided to look for a more obscure clip...... so obscure I could only find it in Dutch.
The premise is Grover is walking along the street with his flute [ya, flute *giddy*]. He gets called over by a trio of bullies who "tease" him about it with a surprise ending.

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