Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Chocolate Cyst-MMM Chocolate

Actually it is yukky, not yummy. That is the kind of cyst my surgeon now says I have. Apparently the dermoid cyst conclusion was made by another doctor who looked at the ultrasound. When my surgeon looked at it he didn't see that and the x-ray confirmed it. So endometriomas is a blood filled cyst that looks like chocolate when they cut it open. It usually causes a lot of pain during periods but I haven't had that. My surgery will be in October. I will have a definite date within the week. The surgeon will make a vertical cut (a large one) take out the cyst and, most likely, the ovary it is connected to. Another doctor will look at it and decide in about 5-10 minutes if it contains cancer cells. If it does (not very likely) he will give me a complete hysterectomy. If it doesn't (much more likely) he will sew me up. It will be difficult and painful and time consuming and annoying and interfere with my life! I gotta go to work and get in as many hours as I can.

I am currently working as an enumerator for Statistics Canada which means I get to walk the streets and check addresses. I also get to see what people do with their gardens and yards, meet many different people, see communities and streets I didn't even know existed. I am finding it fascinating! It is also good exercise. I am going into this surgery in good shape. The job runs until the end of October but this surgery will interfere with that. Once I go under the knife my job will be over. So here I go to make money!

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