Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chapter 3: Getting Artsy

if you haven't done it yet you might want to look at the first 2 chapters to know what's going on here.
Sunday Evening: It starts with a blank canvas and some paint.
[Alexandra, resident of Winnipeg, youngest sister, artist and brain child of this exercise]

Make that a lot of paint. This is just what was on one side of the table.
[Erinn, the 1/2 marathoner choosing her colour]

The boys [Daddy and Alexandra's and Erinn's husbands] had left for the pub after the kids were in bed [Alexandra's and Erinn's, the rest of us left our kids and husbands at home].

Alexandra started lay out painting supplies. Would we be treated to an artistic display? No. We were going to
paint! What? ya! All of us. hmmm. That's a surprise. This should be interesting.

Alexandra began by dividing the canvas into manageable sections. She started with a trunk, added roots then asked us to each choose a different colour. She painted in each section and then......

turned it over to us. To do what?

Whatever we wanted.

I sat back a watched for a while. I needed to think. I had no idea what to do. Maybe watching my sisters and mother would give me an idea.

Shawne, the nurse and artist, paints veins on her red section while Erinn watches. Erinn painted a graceful vine and leaves.

Heather painted symbolic flowers and stars.

Mommie added glitter to her purple section.

I finally got started. I used every colour and painted fun confetti squiggles.

Then Alexandra asked us add one word to our art. Mommie added a phrase. She's entitled. She wrote "The whole earth is full of his glory." Alexandra: "truth", Erinn: "grow", Shawne: "breath", Heather: "grow" [some mental telepathy going on there], Me: "play"

Alexandra waited till we were done and then added tiny flowers to the yellow space.

When it was all done we agreed it looked better as a tree reaching up then roots digging down. So we had a tree of strength [Mommie] and beautiful branches growing in all directions [That's us!]

And here it is:

And now for some sweet.............and silly:

Alexandra's son, Silver

and her daughter, Trinity.

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