Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy 140th Birthday Canada!

Sinead came running up the stairs on Sunday morning and exclaimed, "Look at my toast!"
We were just waking and her creativity started a busy day with a good laugh. Of course Barry had to reach for the camera.

I know, yesterday was Canada Day. I am a day late with this salutation but yesterday WAS Canada Day, too busy. Today is the day no one is working, no paper delivery. Barry and I have done practically nothing all day. I went to George's Market and loaded up on fruit, veggies and bread from their 'past due date' shelf [major hull, might go back tomorrow], took Sinead to a sleepover party and loaded a ton of pictures on facebook. Barry has been modifying pictures he took yesterday and putting them on his blog. Bronwyn has been playing with the neighbour girl.

Barry took a bunch of pictures of strangers and past out his business cards with his photoblogs on them so people would check them out to see pictures of themselves and order prints. That sneaky guy! I had no idea he was so entrepreneurial.


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