Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Marathon runner....well, not quite

Blogger's note: this post was getting really long so I have divided it into chapters.
This is Chapter 1: The Build Up

Yep, that's me, running across the finish line at the Father's Day Marathon in Winnipeg on June 17th. Look at me, breezing across, so fresh and easy, and in only 2 hours and 21 minutes. Huzzah!

Ok, I didn't run the marathon, not even the 1/2. I walked the 10 km with my sister, Shawne and this is only one of the wonderful experiences I had that weekend. [oh, and the walk started 1/2 after the marathon so we did it in less than 2 hours. Huzzah.]

It started with a road trip to Winnipeg on June 15th, with my Mommie [pictured], Daddy and Shawne. Mommie lives in St. Catharines and had been visiting for the week before. Sister, Heather was flying in from Ottawa that day. Sister, Erinn and her family were on the road from Thunder Bay too. We would all meet at the airport.

Heather gets a big Daddy hug.

Sister, Alexandra, who lives in Winnipeg had all of us take turns in the photobooth. She put in the money and then we all ran in and out, trying to get everyone in at least one picture. It dissolved all of us into a puddle of laughter. Great way to start the weekend.

Party time that evening in Alexandra's backyard. It was my birthday. Erinn is naturally, very excited for me while Heather thought it might be cute to threaten to fill my face with cake.

I, of course, knit. This is the first sock of the most kickin' pair ever knit!I am joined here by Kalan and his mom, Erinn. The yarn for this sock [Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel] was a birthday present I bought for myself and go on about in great detail and massive amount of pictures on my knitting blog.

When I could drag myself away from the knitting I took a few pics of the partiers. Starting in the lower left corner, Heather [#2], Erinn [#4], Shawne [#3], Alexandra [#5], Kris [Erinn's husband] and Mommie
[in between Kris and Mommie that is Daddy's white leg, we are the family that doesn't tan. no skin cancer please.] See those bigs candles? They're for keeping away the mosquitoes. Didn't really work but made the place look like a big birthday cake!

Look what we did the day before the big race!Fun, but we are such idiots! I had never ridden a horse before and had no idea what I was getting into. This was an hour long ride. Ouch! [that's me in the orange and Heather behind]

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