Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The day after the pre-op I wake up with a cold! Sore throat, bit of stuffiness, touch of fever. I thought the surgeon should know. I don’t know if it is a big deal or not. I’m a non-medical person. I don’t remember hearing from the surgeon, doctor or anyone what should happen if I get sick before surgery I just thought someone should know.

I call the surgeon’s office.
After the 2 minutes or so of voice mail I get the receptionist who cuts me off in mid sentence to tell me I need to talk to the surgery schedule office and patches me through.

Talk to the scheduling office. The lady tells me that surgery will be canceled if I can’t get rid of it and to call my family doctor and tell him.

OK. Call the doctor’s office.
Get the receptionist. She tells me I need to call the message desk and gives me the number.

All right. Call the message desk.
Once that lady hears my reason for calling she talks in a grave tone as she tells me she will tell the doctor right away and get back to me. Great! Sounds like I got through to the right person to tell.

She calls me back.
If I have a cold I must tell my surgeon since he is the one to make the decision to operate or not. I don’t think I’ll waste time telling you what I felt like saying to that. Rather I told her I had done that and was told to call my doctor. Well see how you feel in a couple of days and then call your surgeon back.
Thanks. I think I just wasted a good 30 minutes at least.

I rush out the door to get some work hours in and when I come back for lunch there is a message for me. It is the receptionist from the hospital admitting office wanting to schedule my pre-admission appointment (that’s when they will take my blood and make me pee in a cup). Hmm, she is saying this is the second message she has left and is wondering if she has the right number. So I listen to all the messages left on the machine and sure enough there is another message, left before, but in the first message she doesn’t say why she is calling, she just leaves her name and phone number. I guess I could have heard it before and ignored it because I don’t know her. Or maybe DH, Barry heard it and forgot to tell me.

So I call back.
She is thrilled to hear from me, knows I have a cold and that it isn’t like me to not call back. Who has she been talking to? It is nice to talk to someone who is all pleasantness and smiles. The appointment is made for Friday morning. Then, out of the blue, she asks if I have been rushing around trying to get things done before the surgery. I must answer yes. “Well”, she says, “now it is time to relax and get rid of that cold. You’ve been planning for this surgery. You don’t want to miss it. I sound just like my mother.” She sounds like my mother too. OK, I’ll try.

. That is what I need. I have got to get to bed at a decent time tonight. But right now, I gotta get back out there and make more money.

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