Friday, January 20, 2006

Yes, I am Inconsiderate

or just not in the blogging mood, or lazy, or busy, any of those will work. It is not that nothing has been happening in my life. But it is weird that as soon as Barry fixed my site I quit writing. Bad Kellie. By the way, I don't know what is going on with the date up there but today is March 20th, not January. Alexandra’s latest blog title inspired me. Hey Derek! Thanks for the note a while back. That also has been prodding me on to do this. I have decided Monday morning is good blogging time so here I go!

I am just going to list stuff that has been going on starting with the latest happenings:
  • I got word last night that the Elders (of my church) past both of my proposals; 1) hold a 1-day workshop for training those interested in Children’s Ministries, Debbie Neufeld of CEF will be coming in from Winnipeg to run it. 2) Sending me to Winnipeg to take Children’s Ministries training for a whole 7 days from CEF! (Ps: I love CEF) BONUS: I will be staying with Alexandra for the week!
  • Last night “Graduation Day” for the children’s choir I have been directing for the last month and a half. It is the Thunder Bay Christian Homeschoolers (TBCH) choir. Our concert was held at TBCF (my church) because we could have it for free (thank-you TBCF). The choir sang 3 songs, two of them with “Stomp” style percussion. This just means that the children used Rubbermaid bins, small garbage cans, ribbed coffee cans as scrapers and homemade shakers to add a little “boom!” to the music. It was fun stuff. In between songs choristers performed solos on piano, violin and flute. Next weekend the music festival starts and all the children had their best pieces practiced up. It was excellent music. Bronwyn, my daughter, performed the Highland Fling and was wonderful. Somewhere in the middle she almost fell over but recovered beautifully, leaving out a few steps to get back in time with the music. I was so proud! We had a crowd of about 50+ in the audience, which was very nice, mostly parents and relatives. I was encouraged to see 3 ladies from my church that just came to see what I was up too. The kids were great! The concert was about 40 minutes. After we all shared treats and conversation. I was so stressed and it turned out so good!
  • Saturday we had the grandparents over for supper to celebrate the girl’s birthdays. I was concerned that Daddy might feel out of place since my mom moved away but he was fine, fit right in with Barry’s parents and Grandmother.
  • All day Saturday was spent cleaning and cooking. I made Sinead’s fav, lasagna.
  • Friday was the final practice for choir and Presentation Day at the Homeschoolers meeting (TBCH meet every Friday afternoon) Sinead did a presentation on Shakespeare’s childhood and did an awesome job. I was so proud!
  • Last Monday I attended the first meeting of the Ladies Ministries exercise class. We are learning to square dance! We are also watching a video series on proper eating and Linda gave a bible study on true beauty. It was great. I was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to it tonight.
  • Last week I went for a follow-up appointment with my surgeon. I complained that I have put on weight, just on my middle. I am turning into a pear! He put me on the scale and I was shocked to see that I am 125 pounds! This means I have put 10 lbs on my middle! Mostly my butt!! On my little frame this is a big deal. It makes a big difference in how my clothes fit. I either have to do something about it or change my wardrobe. I have put this on since Christmas and is obviously a side effect of being on hormone therapy.
  • A few weekends ago I went on a Scrapbooking retreat with 13 other women, most from my church and thoroughly enjoyed it.
So I have become a middle aged, pill popping, scrapbooking, square dancing, pear. All that is ok but the pear part. Not that I am going to get upset about it, I’m not the obsessed about my weight but I don't want to change my wardrobe. That is just too much effort and money involved. I need to get moving. I'm going to try walking. I'll start today. I'm not going to do the diet thing. I probably could cut down on carbs (LOVE THEM) but we don't eat a lot of junk. Mainly because we can't afford to.

Coming up we have Sinead's sleepover party. We were going to do it this Friday but just discovered that is when the church is having a 20th anniversary dinner so it is getting bumped to the next weekend. We were in church when I figured this out. When I told Sinead she first tried to figure out how it could still happen this weekend. When that didn't pan out she said, "We'll just have it the next Friday, no problem." The lady sitting beside me said, with tears in her eyes, how wonderful Sinead handled the situation. I guess it just goes to show some people are not accustomed to children being good about not getting their own way. Moments like that make me feel like I am doing the right thing and a pretty good parent. That's a nice feeling.

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