Friday, October 28, 2005

Kids in the Kingdom

My last post grew into a little dissertation on my basic opinion on children’s spirituality that I felt needed it’s own space. So here it is:

It has been my experience that children come by faith easily and naturally. When you tell them Jesus wants to talk to them and all they have to do is ask, they believe it. I sometimes remind them of the scripture that says, “If a son asks his father for bread, will give him a stone?” (Matt. 7:9) When you ask Jesus to speak to you he will. You don’t need to worry if what you hear is from any other source (like we adults do. Example: “That’s not Jesus. That’s just me. That’s what I want to hear…..”). Children need to be encouraged that they are hearing from God. If they can start the communication now, practice it now, they will know, without doubt, that Jesus is with them throughout their life and they won't be able to turn their backs on him because of their personal experience. That is my hope and my goal.

As parents we need to take our children's spirituality seriously.
We need to affirm their spiritual experiences. A while back a friend of mine told me that her 7 y/o son announced to her that he was a prophet. I was happy to hear that her response was, "Yes you are". That is just the attitude we need to have. (btw; I concur. That boy is a prophet.)

Children don't have the doubts and skepticism that adults do
. Their spirituality seems purer. They don’t get hung up on the doctrinal issues adults do like, pre, mid or post-tribulation, what kind of music is appropriate for worship, how to act in church and so on.

I like that our church leadership is willing to move towards giving children more participation in church.
Alyssa’s word of prophecy is just one example. We closed off one service with the children praying for adults and leading worship (it was an incredible experience for all). A few times the children have been called to the front to pray for others. They are allowed to dance and flag during worship and the worship team is coming up with a plan that will allow children to participate with the them on Sunday morning. It’s a start. A start in the right direction.


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