Monday, October 17, 2005

Two Weeks

Yes, it has been two weeks since surgery and I haven't updated. There is a lot to tell but I'll just give you the basics tonight.

TWINS: I went in around 9:30 am. Despite external and internal ultrasound, x-rays and CAT scan Cysarow was not alone. The surgeon lifted out one chocolate cyst only to discover another attached to the other ovary. So a two-hour surgery to remove one cyst and ovary turned into double duty. Four hours later, after determining that my uterus was steadfastly glued to my colon, wasn't coming out and looked healthy enough and losing a lot of blood, I was finally sewn up and taken to recovery.

I remember nothing until I was taken to my room at 5:00 pm. I remember being lifted and moved to my bed and all I could say was "Pain, pain, pain!" I could hear people telling me I would be hooked up to a morphine pump that I could control myself but I just couldn't shut-up. I can't think off any other time I have been in more pain. But that only lasted a minute or two. They got that morphine pumpin' pretty quick. It worked immediately. My memory is foggy but I remember Barry and my mom being there. I remember Barry telling me about Cysarow's twin (which I named latter, posthumously, Cysalane) and that there was no cancer.

I remember having a basic, almost desperate need to hold Barry's hand. It was like I couldn't effectively communicate any other way. When his hand wasn’t available he offered his foot. I didn’t care. The foot worked just fine.

Latter Barry told me I listened to Coronation Street and then put my glasses on and watched Corner Gas (one of my two favourite shows that I can’t miss). This I have no memory of, which really bothers me. I feel like I missed my fav show…..yet I didn’t. It was about Brett giving up coffee and Emma giving up knitting and crocheting to support him, a story line I would have really appreciated because I love knitting and crocheting and love that Emma is doing it in every show. I love that she is usually making some ghastly looking thing out of cheap acrylic. (Although, in tonight’s episode she was knitting something out of a cozy, nubby yarn in a neutral shade. I wonder if they are real projects that she is working on. She certainly is really doing it; she’s not faking it.) oh well.

That night I must have woke up every 10 minutes to push that morphine button pinned to my hospital smock. And every time I couldn’t help but be THRILLED that I didn’t have cancer. I guess I was more stressed out about that then I realized.

I will try and post more about my recovery and hospital experiences in the coming days. There is much to tell, some of which I wish I had known about before. I have a need to post as much about it as possible in hopes that I can help any of my sisters or friends that might need surgery in the future. (but I really hope not!)

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