Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Cold and Jesus speaks to the Kids

Sunday morning: I was so looking forward to going to church. It is killing me that I had missed 2 already.

The first Sunday I missed, the worship team went wide on the percussion instruments and little Alyssa (6 y/o) prophesied. I love that she had the guts to tell the pastor (her grandfather) and that she was allowed to speak to the church. It was just one sentence, "Jesus is saying that he wants to heal people", but it is a step in the right direction. For about a year I have been training the children and teaching them that they are important members of the Kingdom and just as capable of worshiping, praying for others, hearing Jesus' voice and prophesying as adults. I’m sure that her grandfather is the pastor made it easier but it is a great example to the other children and a great lesson for the adults. I plan to talk to the children about when I get back and tell them they can do it to.

Anyway, I woke up feverish, chilled, achy, headache, miserable. Rats! I have Barry’s cold. So now it is 3 Sunday’s missed.

Ashley (who is taking over my class) is doing a great job and having a great time doing it. Two Sunday’s ago she led the kids in some God chasing time (the kids find a place in the room to be alone, no talking or goofing around, and talk to Jesus and listen to him while some quiet worship music plays). I told her that when she does this she will probably feel like everyone is just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for it to be over but to be sure to gather the kids around after and ask them what happened. She said it happened just like I said. Her response to what happened during the after-talk was, “They blew me away!” A few said that Jesus told them he loves them (this is the most common and beautiful response. He most certainly does love them!) and 2 others had received a clear word from Jesus that spoke to their specific need and situation. I miss those kids.


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